Wednesday, 5 December 2012

i came out of the woods by choice

I have been so terribly busy over the past few weeks that blogging has completely flown my mind, not unlike how the birds have flown the country in search of weak sunlight.
But here I am again typing away on my blog, bringing you lovely people some of my favourite photo's I've taken over the past year. I always find December a perfectly nostalgic month, one for looking back and reflecting over the past year, and looking forward to the year ahead.

1.bare tree  // 2.contrast // friend isis, somewhere in shropshire // 4.sunlight on the isle of wight // 5.sunset over west wales // // 7.smoke // 8.storm clouds // 9. bright lights almost // 10. my friend beci // 11. bare trees (again, they are one of my favourite things ever to photograph and draw) // 12.beginnings of a sunset over tuscany

comments are always appreciated, as always.

annie xxx

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