Thursday, 25 July 2013

Shes got a wildheart.

This summer has been crazy busy so far, so that's why there haven't been any posts recently, I'm so sorry :(
But i have been taking billions of photo's, as I've been to London and been going out a lot back home in Wales too.

About a month ago I went for a walk (because who doesn't like walks?) around the village my dad used to live in, I'd forgotten how pretty it looked when it was sunny, since it had been raining loads around then. 

So here are some photos from that day. I don't know, they may seem kinda boring to you, but they came out so clear and pretty that I really wanted to put them up on here. 

I hoped you liked them, keep a look out from some more fashion related photo's soon, as I recently did another set of photos with Robin, it was such a fun shoot and I'm really pleased with some of the photo's.

Talk soon, I hope you're all having a lovely summer,

The Vamps - Wildheart

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Greet the seas across the ink black night.

Expression / In and Out of Focus

Todays post is a little different from usual, a hybrid of essay/questions with no answers sort of post? It started of as an uninteresting OOTD post, when i decided to include some pieces of writing I've done recently, and then the topic sort of swayed a little when all my shots were coming out unfocused (the pros of having to use self-timer mode, eh?) Who even writes essays in their three - month holidays from school? Me, that's who. 

the act of expressing or setting forth in words: the free expression of political opinions.
a particular wordphrase, or form of words: old-fashioned expressions.
the manner or form in which a thing is expressed in words; wording; phrasing: delicacy of expression.
the power of expressing in words: joy beyond expression.
indication of feeling, spirit, character, etc., as on the face, in the voice, or in artistic execution: thelyric expression embodied in his poetry.

Expressing oneself in today's society can come in many forms. The main way people express themselves (especially in younger generations) is appearance. Clothes, shoes, hair dye, tattoos  piercings, its an essential part of growing up and becoming who you are to many people. But sometimes, we can get so caught up in trying to stand out on the outwards that maybe we don't realise we can all look the same and we should be trying to stand out on the inside too? Or is that just me? Blame the lack of tea. 

Private expression (this is writing, art, photography ect to me) has akways been part of my life I could say. I have always done writing, and music, and drawing. Everyone has some form of private expression I think. So thats why I included these tiny snippets of writing in my photos today. the first one is mine, and the second piece is just lyrics  all wrapped together from one of my favourite songs at the moment.

The second thing I want to talk about today is focusing on things in life. Like, really focusing on something and trying to improve yourself as much as you can in that particular thing. That's what I feel like I need to do at the moment. I feel like the focus on somethings have been lost, and i need to re focus on them. Do you ever feel like that sometimes? I guess these pictures somehow unintentionally reflect those feelings.  

And I just included this last picture not because it fits in with the theme of this post but because I loved the light in it so much. Apologies for that ;)

Top / H and M
Skirt / Topshop
Boots / Some random French store 
Horrifically unstyled hair / Models own

I hope you enjoyed this post, please tell me what you think! Im not to sure about these long rambly posts? I hope youre all having a lovely Thursday,


Cherry Ghost - A Month of Mornings

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Changing by the minute and the record on repeat.

Aloha there, its me, that long lost blogger who got lost in a sea storm of exams. Hyperbole may of been used there, but seriously, I have been consumed by exam fever. I thought once I started my study leave, I would have time to blog. I didn't. My camera, once used every single day, was abandoned in a corner of my room to gather dust. Now, with only one exam left (the dreaded calculator maths), I feel like I have some more time to blog. This summer (11 weeks long babyyyy), will definitley be one full of blogging! So, without further ado, here is my OOTD post for you all, neon crop tops and all...

But look at this little camera my dad found and gifted to me the other day! Its a tiny pinhole camera with no shutter mechanism, and I cant wait to try using it. However, me being the indecisive being that I am, cant decide whether to use colour or black and white film, what do you guys think?

Crop top // Topshop
Skirt // Enjoy Vintage Shop, Truro
Nike Blazers // Office

Thats it for my now lovelies, see you soon and I hope your all having a fabulous day!


George Barnett - Swimming Pools (Drank) Kendrick Lamar Cover
(This song is my summer song, I cant stop singing it, I HAVE AN OBSESSION SEND HELP)

Monday, 25 March 2013

Took a trip - BFWSS13

Fashion weeks occur twice a year around the globe in the four major fashion capitals of the world (such an overused cliche/phrase, won't hurt to use it again); London, Paris, New York and Milan. They are followed by fashion observers all over the world with a hawk-like eye, high street stores looking to bring the trends into their own shops for much cheaper prices, fashion editors looking for the next hot thing (cough *Cara Delevigne* cough), and all round amazing bloggers like Susie Bubble and the like. 

These weeks are wonderful and essential to the fashion industry, but very inaccessible for small fashion bloggers like me who have just started out with little under twenty followers. So what more wonderful than smaller fashion shows featuring high street brands, who often give away free passes (I repeat, FREE) for bloggers and fashion students. The Mall at Cribb's Causeway in Bristol is just one company that offers these weeks, and I attended one this year, which after complications was not the blogger's show I was originally invited to, but a public one, was amazing, featuring clothes from John Lewis, River Island and Next. Admittedly, not high end fashion houses, but a lot more purse friendly for students like me.

I went to the show with my fellow friend and blogger Katy (from Palette), and we had such a lovely time, using the chance for a good ol' beauty trip afterwards, which we thought was well deserved. Unfortunately, because I went on the Sunday, no photo's were taken, but Ben Allen's flickr photostream has plenty of beautiful photographs taken from the friday's show, all the main outfits and my favourites are there! Of course there was a small bag of gifts, or more bluntly, goodie bags, and they were surprisingly lovely so i photographed their contents for you all. (There were food items, but these were unfortunately eaten, apologies from my stomach!)

Rather generous, don't you think? I was especially excited to see the Tea Pigs in there, the tea lover that I am.

 A Lush Times is always appreciated, especially with the incredible Vivienne Westwood as a cover star! // My show programme and event guide

A little OOTD : River Island Blouse and Vintage Necklace


After receiving a Boots voucher from a family friend for my birthday, I couldn't resist picking up these beauties which I have wanted for such a long time! Essie's Mint Candy Apple and Barry M's Peach Melba are sure to be my new favourite spring shades, though I have yet to try them on my nails yet! 

Have you ever been to a fashion show like Bristol's? Or have you been lucky enough to be a visitor to LFW? I hope you all had a lovely Monday, as lovely as Mondays can be anyhow!


This french sister-brother duo were a major 2012 mucic mojo for me, this song is one of my special favourites, and the video is one of my favourite music video's ever, so majestic, and Josephine makes it even more incredible by climbing the set in her incredible shoes!)

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Wow, so this week has probably been one of the most hectic yet this year. Not even that much has happened , only my birthday, a script concert and the most coursework deadlines to date. So sorry for being a horrendously sporadic, please just enjoy my pictures instead.

  A Card from one of my best friends in York // Lovely chocolates // Waiting // My Final Art Piece, finally completed! // The Script // My cake, made by my fantastic mother

I have a few interesting posts planned in the next couple of weeks, I cannot wait until exams are over so I can start blogging properly again! Hope you are all having lovely weeks,


p.s: I got instagram with the arrival of my new phone, it'd be lovely if yo could follow me @annieoliviapoole

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The only mistake is if you stand still.

I went shopping Saturday last, and thought you guys might like to see what I've bought. It was only a small trip, I also bought a dress for mine and my best friend's joint birthday party that's happening in three week but because some of my friends read this little blog I thought i'd leave it as a surprise ;)


I picked this up on the recommendation of my lovely friend Emma, and have found it to be pretty good so far. When just used on the ends without anything else it makes my hair look so much healthier, but when used with my other products it didn't look so good, we'll just have to wait and see.

I've tried this already, and I love it, it;'s great for someone like me, with fairly pale skin who doesn't want to look orange, and I love how it contains a really subtle shimmer. You build up layers over time, but I tend to only do a couple of layers to keep it more natural.

You guys know how much I love Soap and Glory, and these are my favourite new additions to my collection. Both deliciously scented and amazingly moisturising, I love using these two!

Definitely my favourite purchase of the day, I love this blouse to pieces. With it's gorgeous pattern and divine button-down back detailing, it's a winner for spring and summer, and I will be wearing it with anything from my leigh jeans, to my lace skirts.

I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry I've been absent of late, life seems like a whirlwind right now with exams and concerts entwined every week!


Sunday, 3 March 2013

I'm picking out the stars.

Just a quick little post today to share my absolute favourite show at London Fashion Week. This is the Brit-award winner Tom Oddell performing a beautiful rendition of his latest single 'Hold Me.' If you've been following my blog for a bit you'll have seen that nearly every song of the say for a long time now has been one of his. The Burberry Prorsum AW13 was definitely my favourite show of LFW, everything was perfect. The glass arena was the perfect setting, and to me Burberry always pulls off the best show.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend,