Thursday, 25 July 2013

Shes got a wildheart.

This summer has been crazy busy so far, so that's why there haven't been any posts recently, I'm so sorry :(
But i have been taking billions of photo's, as I've been to London and been going out a lot back home in Wales too.

About a month ago I went for a walk (because who doesn't like walks?) around the village my dad used to live in, I'd forgotten how pretty it looked when it was sunny, since it had been raining loads around then. 

So here are some photos from that day. I don't know, they may seem kinda boring to you, but they came out so clear and pretty that I really wanted to put them up on here. 

I hoped you liked them, keep a look out from some more fashion related photo's soon, as I recently did another set of photos with Robin, it was such a fun shoot and I'm really pleased with some of the photo's.

Talk soon, I hope you're all having a lovely summer,

The Vamps - Wildheart

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  1. wonderful photos:)
    please visit me in free time:)