Thursday, 27 December 2012

Vintage Gems

I think that vintage jewelry pieces will always have more of a hold over me than modern day jewelry. This is probably due to the long time i spent rummaging in both my grandma's jewel boxes as a small child, holding up the earrings to my my ears and holding up my hands when i walked so that the too-large rings wouldn't fall off my small fingers. I now own quite a few of those pieces, now that i can wear them properly!

The other week I was shopping for Christmas presents in one of my favourite shops Capel Jones, and spotted this delicate beauty, which of course i instantly fell in love with! It's marmalade-coloured jewel droplets are so lovely, the colour is a perfect match to my inherited ring that used to belong to my grandma!

I hope you all had a lovely christmas, have you found any vintage gems recently?



  1. Gorgeous, just my sort of thing!

  2. thank you, i was so pleased when i found it!

  3. that necklace is beyond beautiful! you lucky thing to be the owner:D xx

  4. thank you very much, i was so pleased when i spotted it!xx