Saturday, 26 January 2013

Lemon slice and all things nice.

So I've been baking again. Surprise surprise. And Quel surprise (*in my best french accent*), I've been baking from the lovely Gran's Kitchen. I know it seems like that's all I've been talking about, but honestly it has such gorgeous recipes, i really recommend you take a peek! However, it does bring slight annoyance by being quite un-detailed, and not including the size of the tin you should use, which leads to a lot of guesswork and frustration for me! 
Anyhow, I tried the luscious lemon slice, and here are the results.

Despite getting slightly burnt it still tasted quite nice, with a lovely lemon curd like middle section. Served on my favourite vintage crockery, it makes for a lovely tea-time treat!
What is your favourite thing to bake? Or if you don't bake, what's your favourite treat?


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