Friday, 2 November 2012

Black sea, I failed to be a light you found alone.

So weekend last I went to Warwick with family to meet some old family friends, and having never been before, was pleasantly surprised at how lovely it is there. Being me I snapped many a picture and thought i'd share the best with you here.

If you're ever in Warwick, i really do recommend popping in to the bread and co cafe. This charming and quintessential cafe (with a bakery next door) does gorgeous cakes and has a large selection of tea's. As you can see from the pictures i managed to swap mini slices of my lovely chocolate cake for small samples of everyone elses as i couldn't decide what to have there was so much choice! Possibly my favourite part of my visit was receiving a 'tea timer' with my pot and cup and saucer, something i have never come across before.

On the way home we all went to Stratford where a walk along the river ensued, followed by a small shopping trip around Stratford, and a visit to a tearoom for lunch. Stratford, although larger than Warwick and not as overall picturesque, was still lovely. A mini autumn haul containing purchases i made in Stratford is coming soon!

Love, annie x

Song of the Day : Ben Howard - Esmerelda 
(don't you just love the name esmerelda?and also, this song is possibly the perfect winter song, i love it, and the video too, really do go and listen to it!)

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