Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Been loving you, for far too long.

This whole post originated from both the post on Ella's blog, and my love of the 'What's in my bag' video's on YouTube. My bag is really not exciting enough to photograph so i thought I'd do the next best thing and photograph a sort of what's in my drawers post.

1/ Drawings // My drawers are stuffed full of random drawings on scraps of paper, i keep them all, they might come in useful one day ;) This particular one was for a parachute dress I've been dreaming about being able to make.

2/ Spare Purses // A little Cath Kidston one and a vintage one that was was my grandmothers (though it's genuine eel skin so I can't stand using it!) Really useful for popping change into. 

3/ Little Things // A Zara ribbon from some label, and a pressed flower in a bead. (amazing right?!)

4/ Spare pack of Moleskins // You can never have enough spares.

5/ Notebooks // This journal, notebook, and sketchbook are the ones I reach for everyday.

I hope you enjoyed this post, what's inside your drawers? Are they organised, or full of junk like mine? I hope your weeks are all going well so far.



  1. Love the handle on your drawer! :-) You're a girl after my own heart on the notebook front - I have a little set that I tend to reach for over and over!

    Jem Xx

    1. thank you very much!i know, i seem to have an endless amount of notesbooks, each with it's own specific purpose!annie xx

  2. I love your moleskins! and you have a really nice blog! would you like to follow each other? :)

  3. your notebooks are so cute

    p.s I have a Henry Holland dress giveaway on my blog, check it out if you're interested