Sunday, 3 February 2013

See no joy, only strangers.

Yesterday, here in the country, was the nicest day we'd had all year. It seems spring is finally coming. (Though today the sky's back to it's usual winter blanket grey). So with the first days of spring, i'm bringing to y'all a petite spring and summer perfume guide. 

Top Notes / Red berries and Pear
Heart Notes / Gardenia and Frangipani Flower
Base Notes / Patchouli and Brown Sugar

'A Bouquet of scents inspired by the house's renowned flora pattern'

A really lovely pure floral perfume, quite traditional but I really like this for when you feel like you just need a little rosie-ness. Refreshing and feminine.

Top Notes / Citruses
Heart Notes / Rose
Base Notes / Patchouli

This reincarnation of the classic Chloe perfume is my favourite spring/summer perfume. So pretty, it's light, airy and perfect for those summer days spent blue-sky gazing. 

I hope you liked this post, what are your favourite perfumes for spring and summer?What's your favourite scent? In other news, I did a set of photo's yesterday with the ever-brilliant Robin, they'll be on here sometime this week. We had such a great time, and i'm so pleased with the results!



  1. i love fresh spring fragrances, i cant wait for the weather to get warmer and brighter :0 x

  2. The bottles the self look really expensive x

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