Saturday, 2 March 2013

February Favourites

I can't believe it's the the beginning of March already, it just seems like a couple of weeks ago that it was Christmas! This month has been full of nice things, trips away, baking, and going out with friends, but also a lot of work as well! Here are my (mainly beauty) favourites for the month of February for all you lovely people. 

This has won countless awards and is the favourite of many a blogger, including me. It smells DELICOUS and does such a good job that I would never consider anything else. I haven't met anyone that doesn't like the new maple fragrance either. 

I am not a huge fan of mineral make-up, but this blush that I received in my February Glossybox is lovely. It contains very few ingredients, which is great for my sensitive skin, and the colour is beautiful, a coral-peach that will be perfect come summer. I don't wear blush a lot, but I did reach for this quite a few times this month. The top swatch on my hand in this photo is it lightly dusted on with my finger.

This has no faults in my eyes. A stain and balm combined in a 'your lips but better' shade, basically perfection in a tube, I have been wearing this every day without fail.

Like, the Soap and Glory scrub, this is another product that I love for it's smell. This smells exactly like whipped cream and you apply it through a squirty cream nozzle - amazing for your inner child! This is great for my ombred hair, and always leaves my hair smooth and soft, I can't wait to try more of milk_shake's products!

Yet another product that smells absolutely divine. I also got this in my February glossybox, and it left my skin so soft and hydrated, AND smelling lovely. I couldn't ask more from a day moisturiser, and will definitely be purchasing this in full size when my other moisturisers run out.

Thanks to my friend Isis, I now have a slight (or more likely, major) obsession with the Marvel Avenger films, and I haven't even watched all of them yet. After watching Thor and then Iron Man one after the other I watched this, which is probably my favourite so far (though I really liked Chris Hemsworth in Thor too.) I don't know why, but I'm loving these films.

I love this lifestyle magazine so much it hurts. Okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration but I do love this magazine, with it's gorgeous photography and beautiful articles on everything under the sun. There book recommendations are always great as well. 

I hope you enjoyed this favourites post, would you like this to become a regular feature? What have been your favourites in February? I hope you're all having a lovely Saturday, I'm going off to see Les Mis for the second time because I totally have a life.



  1. Ooo that milkshake conditioner looks fab and definitely gonna have to get me a Revlon 'just bitten'!!